PUT IT IN THE BOOK! My interview with Howie Rose

howie jacket

I wanted to do a quick post to share links to an something I’m proud of — my debut piece for Don McGee’s MIXED BAG on WFUV, an interview with Mets announcer Howie Rose that includes music! I hope to be publishing a print version soon. Howie has a new book out which you can purchase here.

A word about the archive.org files. . .wordpress doesn’t seem to want to embed them but it’s really no big deal. Just click on the link, look for the player in the upper right corner, under where it says “upload,” and click play to listen.

Before I we get to my Howie Rose interview, brilliantly cut and programmed by Don Mcgee, check out this clip of Howie from back in June (plug starts at 1:43)


Amazing stuff. Once the Mets started the rally, I figured he’d have to drop the topic. But he kept on going. I’m forever indebted. And imagine how much my Dad would have loved that 50 Licks got mentioned in the midst of Mets game-winning rally!

OK, on to the main event. Here is part one:


And here is part two:


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