A Few Week 5 Notes

Winter Memories is better than what she showed last Sunday (photo courtesy of Katie Bo Williams)


Race 3: ROCKIN BOOGIE ran a race that’s normally fast enough to win at this level.


Race 1: I see a couple of possibilities for what might have gone wrong with BALTIC SHORE. He was probably back a bit quick and he might not want to go this far. Look for back under more favorable conditions.

Race 9: ICABAD CRANE gets a free pass; despite their being pace in this race on paper, no one went and he was compromised.


Race 1: I liked PARTY OF INTEREST going in and she ran OK. The Racing Flow numbers don’t corroborate this but it seemed like dymamics were against her as well, as the other speeds finished behind her and the first two came from farther back.

Race 2: ALL FOR THEE was up against it in terms of flow and bias.


Race 6: RIGHTFULLY SO didn’t do too much running in his debut but he did show a hint of speed. I loved him in the paddock, and maybe he’ll improve. (His siter won here on Sunday).

Race 8: This race looked loaded on paper but came up slow. However, since it was a slightly closer favoring flow, I’ll give both SATURDAY CLASSIC an ANCIL (both of whom I liked in the paddock) another chance.

Rave 9: It seemed like MEDIA MADNESS just had too much to do.


Race 4: Not to take anything away from HUNGRY ISLAND, who won nicely and is clearly good, but I certainly think you can toss WINTER MEMORIES effort. Even though she got clear late and didn’t find, it was a tricky trip, and I believe from doing a little research that the ground inside where she was in the lane wasn’t as good as the ground outside. This wasn’t your normal soft turf; there was that one HUGE storm an hour before the race and I think, as a result, the ground was slick and off going, but not as deep as what WM ran over last year in the Grillo. Others might call her exposed but I think Winter Memories deserves another chance to show she’s as good as some of us were saying before this race.

Race 10: SHESABRONXBOMER didn’t run too well here but might well improve going farther and perhaps on the turf.


Race 7: VIVERE was dreadful in the race but made an excellent appearance in the paddock. Maybe what she really wants is turf and we can get a price off the dark dirt form?

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