MONDAY: Excuse me, Madam. . .

Just remembered this quick story to share. The year was 1997. My friends Frank Scatoni and Scott Cupolo and I went to a book party for Erika Lopez at the China Club. This was back in the Simon and Schuster days, long enough ago where my only interaction with Susan to that point was meeting her at a party earlier that year and exhorting her to bet Silver Charm in the Kentucky Derby (she didn’t listen). Anyway, the next morning we got up early and and drove up to Saratoga in the hopes we could get there in time for the early double. As we were leaving the city, Scott would periodically roll down the window, get the attention of a passerby as if he were going to ask directions, and say something like, “Excuse me, madam, do you know where we’re going? To Saratoga! The greatest town in the U.S.A.”

Then he’d roll up the window and we’d drive away. Wash, rinse, repeat.

A few links:

An excellent piece by Teresa Genaro about the great Winter Memories and her fam.

I’m officially a DeMarcus Cousins fan.

This just amused me too much not to share. For baseball fans.

A hot dog for a hot dog.

Happy Birthday, Jerry



Race 4: $25 win and place on #11 KEN’S KITTEN

In a race where I don’t particularly trust the projected faves, I’ll take a flutter with the always interesting jockey-trainer combination of Voss-Dominguez (2 for 3 at SAR since 2010). I don’t get my flow numbers for Pimlico but that race had the look of a move up. The pace was glacial and he ran on some. The post here is a bear but the price will (I hope) compensate for it.

And just because it’s in my head:

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3 Responses to MONDAY: Excuse me, Madam. . .

  1. Thanks for linking to Like Noel Coward, if I can amuse you, I’m happy to do so.

  2. Matt Shifman says:

    Hey, thanks for the link!!!!

  3. Any time, folks! Thanks for the good pieces!

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