So I gotta be honest, I had no idea Jose Reyes was going to be rehabbing with the Cyclones today. When my friend Dempsey invited me to go to the game with her son Cal and Cal’s friend Mae, I just thought it sounded like a great time. Weekday day baseball games have long been a passion of mine. They make you feel, as the saying goes, like you’re putting one over on the world. Now throw in one of the most exciting players in the game today and you’ve really got something.

We had seats in Section 10, row C, within 10 feet of the on deck cirle, perfect for Jose-spotting:

He was great with the crowd, acknowledging us, and he even cracked a smile when I asked him how the “secret” negotiations were going (OK, he was pretty much smiling the whole time).

After two nondescript at-bats, where he ran hard out of the box, he doubled in his third, on a 1-2 pitch. He looked like he didn’t want to fully test the hammy, but that’s certainly understandable. He looks ready to go for tomorrow.

As a result of the heat and lopsided scoreline, we opted to bounce after Jose was pulled. Funny enough, after raiding the gift shop, as we exited, we saw a crowd oe people huddled around a VIP exit, along with a conspicuous black SUV: clearly Jose was about to leave.

Dempsey and I decided we’d wait until 3pm to see if he came out. It was 2:57 (like I said, it was HOT). Funny enough, at 2:59, there he was. Stopping to sign autographs as the crowd alternated chants of “Keep Jose-Keep Jose” (which ilicited an ear-to-ear grin from our man) and, of course “Jooooooo-se, Jose, Jose, Jos-eeeeee. Jooooo-seeee, Jooooo-seee.” Jose seemed amused and took a few minutes with the gathering throng. The guy gives off a good vibe.

Dempsey was the real hero, as she somehow slipped through the crowd and got Cal a signed ticket stub! An amazing souvenir to cap an amazing day.

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