Didn’t make it over yesterday, too obsessed with the Arlington races, which were a thrill to watch. I love the Arlington Million festival, have to go one of these years. I don’t want to tell you who I picked in the big one in this space, just know that it’s a damn shame I couldn’t find that link to the TVG newsletter.

How about William Buick? Wins the big one on Debussy in one of the best rides I’ve ever seen, flies to France, and wins the G1 Prix Morny this morning on the promising Dream Ahead. Two G1s in 14hrs, there’s one for the record book.

As for yesterday’s bankroll tips, our man Wigmore Hall ran great, just wasn’t as good as Paddy O’Prado, who might justt be the real deal. Apologies about Devil May Care, another example of my falling prey to the hype machine perhaps? In any case, she was not any kind of bet at that price, I guessed wrong there.

Today is an off day for me. I’ll be back when I can be back. Some pressing family matters may keep me from tipping for a few days.

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One Response to CUE THE BEATLES

  1. SkeeterVM says:

    Write some posts, d**n it! I wanna read more unbearable tips!

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